Conservatory Garden And Home | Our Policies
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Our Policies


Our Delivery Policy
Our local courier suppliers will provide you a fixed delivery fee at the point of sale. We document your delivery requirements and our service provider commits to delivering your merchandise on the date and as close to the time you requested.

Our Loyalty Program
Once you are registered in our Loyalty Program all your purchases accrue points which you can subsequently use on future purchases to reduce their cost. To register in our Loyalty Program, please click here

Our Privacy Policy
We commit that any personal information provided to us by our customers, suppliers and service providers is never passed on to a third party. You can be assured your personal information is stored securely and is only used by us for the purposes agreed when collected; that is, to assign sale transactions to your Loyalty Program membership in order for you to accumulate points or invite you to our annual birthday celebrations.

Our Return Policy
You are entitled to a refund if the goods purchased are defective (the defect not being caused by you); or do not match the description or sample provided by us; or do not do what they are supposed to or what we said they would. However, if you prefer, we will exchange, credit or repair the goods where possible. You are not entitled to a refund if you simply change your mind or make a wrong choice. There is also no exchange or refund of green life or sale items.

Our Safety Policy
We are committed to ensuring you have a safe shopping experience and to that end we endeavour to remove and minimise any potential hazard. We ask that given there are so many breakable items in and outside our store, including other customers, that you move about our store carefully and supervise your children.

Our Service Policy
When we make a mistake we acknowledge and learn from it.  Our mission is to inspire and provide you a memorable shopping experience surrounded in the unique beauty that is The Conservatory Garden and Home.


The Conservatory Home and Garden.